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Dog Training Revolution

A lot of people like you share in our goal of helping to raise the standards of how we teach our dogs. We understand the importance of training through meaningful communication, not force, and balancing science with ethics rather than teaching based on tradition and superstition.


Zak has had the distinct honor to educate and entertain millions on YouTube. However, we couldn’t have done it without you and your support: Crowdfunding the Dog Training Revolution through Patreon has allowed us to get in front of as many people as possible, while always keeping our content free.


Patreon is like a premium Facebook page where Zak can directly answer your questions and where you can contribute to future content. With your donation, you’ll help to promote ethical training, demystify erroneous stereotypes about dogs, and encourage the adoption of homeless animals. Every dollar counts and no donation is too small.


Tell your dog loving friends!


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Thank you for contributing to help raise the standards in dog training.

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